We are offering you private, specially designed experiences. We know the true value of our product and we assume that’s why you’re in contact with us. Our company doesn’t claim to be a large operator here in Morocco, however we do claim to be boutique, efficient, personal and easily communicable with.

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Important things to ask when dealing with a tour operator in Morocco:

-Is the tour flexible and can accommodate my special interests?

-Is the itinerary that you are comparing with same?

-There is a wide range of itineraries and service levels in Morocco.

-Which actual vehicles is the company using?

-Are their drivers English speaking and at what level of experience?

-Who are the guides that they work with – do you know their exact standard of English and level of expertise and experience?

-Are the clients staying at exactly the same accommodations and what level of room?

-What specialty activities are involved in the itinerary?

-Are they spending  time following up at the backend on your clients day with their drivers and guides to ensure nothing goes wrong on tour and any issues are dealt with immediately?

Otherwise, you may get locked into a run of the mill itinerary that doesn’t allow you to modify your trip to align with your dreams. Some tours lack diversity and merely check off the itinerary without providing any creative input that could be the difference to making your trip memorable or not, exciting or not, educational or not, adventurous or not.

If you are searching around on the internet we acknowledge that our fees may not be the same as other providers off the cuff but we ask you to think about what you are comparing us to.

We operate with the utmost integrity in our business conduct.

We pay sustainable rates to our suppliers, guides, and to our members of staff. We pay for you and them to be insured under the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism. We pay rates that mean tourists here are constantly welcomed into the privacy of people’s homes or private access to their stores, bakeries, workshops because they feel and know that they and their skills are valued. We believe our rates to be fair but our quality of service to be far superior than the rates we charge.