We take pride in matching the right drivers and guides to our guests’ needs and interests.



We take pride in finding the right drivers who meet our standards and the expectations of our guests. We ensure that our guests’ personal needs and safety are always our first priority. All of our drivers are registered with the tourism authorities and speak a number of different languages.  We match the individual needs of our guests with specific drivers to the greatest extent possible.

Our drivers are knowledgeable about the routes, region, and sites. However, the Moroccan government’s tourism regulations do not allow drivers to accompany clients at national sites or in medinas.  We are also careful to emphasise that the drivers’ main responsibility is to ensure your safety while driving often hazardous roads where concentration is paramount – difficult to do if they were to be guiding as well. If you would like in-depth knowledge it is best to organise a dedicated, certified, national guide or to hire a certified ‘site’ guide at the major Moroccan tourist attractions.


Our private guides are all highly trained with numerous Specialties, languages and a minimum of 10 years experience in tourism. They are all certified by the Ministry of Tourism and have at least their BA in English Studies. Our guides are passionate about sharing their culture, history and their own personal  stories.

Our private guides are available for day tours in major cities or to accompany you alongside your driver and vehicle throughout your journey.