The once sleepy town of Chefchaouen has become a must for visitors to the North of Morocco. This charming mountain town, known for its sky blue painted streets and fragrant orange trees, offers a relaxed alternative to the more bustling cities of Morocco.

Plan your Chefchaouen experience

Our Top Chefchaouen Picks:

Following the Hippy trail of the late 60’s

Meandering through the blue walled city

Hiking to God’s bridge, stopping for a Berber style picnic at the cascades along the way

Checking out the natural artisanal products the town is famous for, traditional woven Berber textiles, hand knitted socks for those chilly evenings, handmade soaps scented with local spice

For those wanting to taste the local speciality, we recommend sampling the local goat cheese and olive oil

Walking in the Mountains that form the backdrop to Chefchaouen, passing through Berber villages and local farms, breathing in the fresh air as you look down on the “The Blue City”

Explore the  breathtaking scenery of Akshore National Park and its cascading waterfalls, rock formations and stunning views