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If you are a travel designer, travel agency, or event management company looking for a travel partner to collaborate with in Morocco who fuses western standards with local know-how and has high deliverable standards, then we are the partner you are searching for.

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Plan-it Morocco offers tailor-made solutions for a broad range of clients. We deliver unique, transformational itineraries focused on cultural immersion in the most diverse environments and landscapes. Catering to the enquiring mind of the enlightened high-end traveller, we deliver with the highest personal service.

Our service endeavors to personalize your experience throughout, from sourcing information and booking adventures, to client services and post-activity follow-ups.

Our Morocco private tours portfolio includes:

  • Culinary Adventures, Moroccan Cooking Classes, Tasting Trails & Winery Tours
  • Specialist Retreats, incl. Yoga, Photography, Artist Residencies & Birdwatching
  • Private Dining Experiences, Sunset Mountain Picnics and Daily Life Experiences with Berber families in the Rif Mountains
  • Beach Camps & Water Sports including surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing & fishing
  • Luxury and Local Hammam Packages
  • Artisanal Workshops, private Architectural, Islamic Garden & Cultural Day Tours
  • Medina Walks by Night
  • Photography Tours
  • Sahara Desert Tours, Trekking & Rural Excursions
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Event Management & Conferences, Seminars & Educational Tours
  • TV/Film Fixing, Location Scouting & Management
  • Weddings and Special Celebrations in Extraordinary Places
  • Specialty access to high profile properties and personalities in various genres