The quickest way to the heart of a culture and its people is through its cuisine. Morocco is the land of amazing culinary adventures. Our top not-to-miss culinary experiences in Morocco are hand-rolling couscous with Berber women; street-food tours with locals; bread baking in 500-year-old community ovens;  cheese and wine tasting in the Atlas Foothills; cooking & enjoying meals with a local family.

  1. Hand-rolling Couscous with Berber Women in the Atlas Mountains

    Start learning the secrets of an excellent Moroccan couscous while at the same time experiencing traditional rural life. Visitors roll their own couscous from scratch with the women of the association and then cook and eat it for lunch. After lunch take a walk along the ridge to see the donkey-powered olive press and have mint-tea and an olive oil tasting with the owner. In the afternoon head back to Fez.
  2. Street-food Tours with Locals—Culinary Walking Tours of the Medina

    Join local Moroccan foodie experts who are passionate about sharing their culture and culinary expertise with you. Here you will discover mouth-watering delicacies that most travelers would not have access to. En route, you’ll experience a wide range of tastes, a variety of ancient communal cooking facilities, and the how’s and why’s of food sourcing and preparation.
  3. Bread Baking in a 500-year-old Community Oven

    Stroll through the local medina souk to shop for your ingredients for the bread you will bake in the local farm or communal oven.
  4. Cheese and Wine Tasting in the Atlas Foothills

    Visit award-winning wineries along the coast or in the foothills of Morocco to sample unique flavors. Pair your wine with cheeses made from old Berber techniques and high-quality bio-made techniques.
  5. Cooking & Enjoying Meals with a Local Family

    Spend time with a lovely local family in their beautiful riad and take part in the daily activity of shopping and preparing for a delicious traditional meal. Your lesson will entail, shopping for seasonal vegetables and fruit, preserving lemons, making traditional Moroccan salads, bread-baking and the art of making the perfect mint tea.